The service cores in many of these buildings are dated and in poor condition.  It with the revitalization of the cores that these buildings will come back to life.  Many of the building currently have a core, especially in the high rise structures.  Those without a core, will have one added that brings essential service into the building.  These include conveying systems, HVAC components, electrical power and lighting, technology services, and plumbing distribution and sanitary sewer. 

During a renovation, restoration and replacement of these service can be costly, and often is the biggest reason why older buildings are left abandoned.  By eliminating a small portion of the building to insert the vertical supply core that can tap into each floor.  This eliminates evasive retrofitting and allows for more flexibility with the floor plates.  The services run vertically through the core, and then are distributed through a series of small spaces on each floor. Each of the service cores are connected to a central plant located in another building.  This eliminates the amount of equipment that is necessary to deliver large systems to each building.

| Insert Rendering of Service Core |


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