Josh Sawyer is currently attending The University of Houston, where he is pursuing a Master of Architecture degree. He attended The University of Texas Arlington for undergraduate where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2006. He has been working for SHW Group in Austin, Texas since graduating in 2006, where he serves in many roles including design, sustainability and project support.

Josh has been involved in many organizations over the years, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This followed heavy involvement at UT-Arlington where he served as a student representative on many university initiatives and programs. His involvement included serving as Student Government President in 2005.  Recently he has been serving as a student representative on the Graduate Committee at the College of Architecture at The University of Houston.

Josh has spent much of his time at The University of Houston studying digital technologies, as well as parametric design and its role in architecture. He has also taken some courses in urban design and been involved with the Collaborative Community Design Initiative. This thesis project is the culmination of his education at UH where he is striving to integrate his interest in urban design and parametric design with his passion in stewardship, sustainability, and educational environments through an adaptive re-use program designed to provide a new future for the City of Detroit through advanced education of technologies for the manufacturing community.


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